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Osgood Schatters Disiese?

I recently discovered I had osgood schatters, this isn't a question I'm just telling you what happend, the pain under my knee was effecting my sports and going to the docotors didn't help, but I've been resting, stretcing, and even changed my diet (stop eating milk and sugar), I've also got a foot elevation thing, for my shoe and it helps relieve some inflammation in the knee because I have a 'flat foot'(no arching under my feet) I've noticed alot of the pain has gone away :D and I have yet to recieve my physical therapy sessions which are comming up soon. I know it won't go away till I'm fully grown, but do you think I have a chance of heading back to sports soon? Earlier this year I broke my thumb and I was out of my b-ball season for weeks and it was a total bummer, and now I have osgood schatters and the b-ball season has just started yet again T_T. To add on to that my wii and computer broke down and I can't play outside! T_T. Any advice or support plz. :)


Uh...I'm 13 years old, and 120 do I need to lose wieght? lol, thx anyway man for the links. It helped. :D

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