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Parents getting divorced?

I was looking through my moms purse for a piece of gum when I saw a folded up piece of paper. Being the curious person that I am, I opened it. It was a letter to my dad from my mom. My mom was talking about how she is unhappy in their marriage and that she wants to get a divorce,although she can't because of her four kids. She is suffering in this marriage, and she is really unhappy. I would rather have my parents be apart and happy then together and sad. Also I know what I did was wrong, I should have minded my own Business and never opened the letter,but I did and I can't unread it, so please don't lecture me on what I did was wrong, because I know it was. Also please don't tell me just to forget about it or pretend I never read that,because I am constantly going to be thinking about it now. I can't just forget somethinglike this. I would really love some advice.



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