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Pregnancy...after 2 miscarriages?

OK..I found out I am pregnant again yesterday. I had one miscarriages last March. Then a long time of trying to get pregnant. I found out I was pregnant for the 2nd time at the end of June. My husband and I were thrilled!!! And then the 2nd week in July I miscarried AGAIN! Well it is now Sept 1st and I am pregnant again. I can only hiope for the best! But is really bugging me is trying to figure out how far along I am. After my first miscarriage my period was all screwed up and docs said this was normal and that it would balance itself out..which it did. But now Its like I have skipped my period and then had it for over a week when i miscarried and then it showed up in august for like two and a half days and then disappeared. But I have no real actual period date to go by to try to figure out how far I am!

Please dont tell me to go see I doc I'm not dumb I have an appointment set for Tuesday I'm just cuirous and wondered if anyone had any idea how to figure it out.


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