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Protagonist with dead parents cliche?

There is a lot of criticism towards writers who have convenient orphans as their protagonists. It usually gets rid of the mundane issues of parents holding their children back from their adventures and is thought of as an overused cliche and plot device. However, is it so bad when it makes since in context? For example, my main character is a werewolf, and her family was killed in the attack that ended with her getting turned into a werewolf. That is a typical kind of background story for a werewolf, I know, but I plan to go somewhere new with it. But do you think people would have a problem with the dead family background? It doesn't come up a lot and she doesn't like to talk about it so there is no path of revenge or angst about her past. She's more of a keep moving forward kind of person even though it still hurts.

So would the dead parents be an issue with critics?

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