May 2021 5 260 Report
Queria ke me tradujeran un crucigrama en ingles que me encargaron: (corregido)?

voy a poner la pregunta y el numero de los cuadritos que debe de ser la respuesta en ingles

Osea quiero que me pongan la traduccion de las preguntas y las respuestas ke deben de ser o sino pues namas ponganme las respuestas en ingles

Someone who makes food in a cheap restaurant(4)

A meal between breakfast and lunch(6)

Someone who makes food in a expensive restaurant(4)

This describes what you can eat at a restaurant(4)

Someting you eat before the main meal(9)

If everybody pays for their own food then you go(5)

A side dish with lettuce and other vegetables(5)

What the cook places your food on(5)

A meal where you help yourself from a table whit a variety of dishes(6)

Long string food(7)

Something you give your waiter if the service is good(3)

A place where people can sit around and drink alcoholic beverages in a restaurant(3)

A drink that many people have whit dessert(6)

Something you use to cut meat(5)

Another word for a drink(8)

The noon meal(5)

Something you might need to get into a busy restaurant(11)

Someone who serves you food(6)

The morning meal(9)

Something usually sweet that you eat after dinner(7)

The evening meal(6)

The total amount that you have to pay for a meal(4)



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