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"Floater" in eyesight?

Well, it started out as just a dot in my right eye. I never really did notice it much. Its been around for a few years. Now its more than just a dot. it looks more like a big dot with hairs coming out from it , kinda reminds me of a spider lol. Black and cloudy, when I move my eye it moves. Its been like this for a few months now but seems to be getting worse. Its starting to get very annoying! I dont have vision insurance, and Im not due for my exam until Feb anyways. Last time I went I didnt mention the "Dot" The eye Dr did say that the pressure in my eye was dangerously high but didnt say much more about it. I do wear glasses. I suffer from high blood pressure, Migraines and high blood sugar. Im 20 years old and other wise healthy. My uncle was blind due to his diabetes but other than that I cant think of any more problems in my Family.

Could this "floater" be serious or is it normal to have these?

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