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"online" Vet Tech schools for only 3000?

So, my current roommate is thinking about dropping out of our four year university (because it's too expensive) and enrolling in a vet tech school next year. I asked her about it and she says it's online and only costs $3000 dollars total. I plan on living with her next year as well, so I need to make sure I have someone reliable with rent. Anyway, to me this sounds a I don't know, paying $3000 dollars for a school sounds really cheap, and taking it online does not sound reliable at all. I'm not saying it's a scam, but I haven't heard much else about it (no school names or anything) so I have a hard time believing its real. Can someone give me some information on these mysterious online vet tech schools and their real cost? I don't want to live with someone who can't pay rent next year, because I don't have that kind of money.

Links would be helpful also. Thanks!


Also, can she go in there without any associates degree or something of the sort? As of now, she only has her high school diploma and this year she failed a few science courses.

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