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Rude Abercrombie & Fitch employees?

Whenever I go to Abercrombie & Fitch, I seem to be greeted by some not-so-friendly employees. They have said rude and embarassing things to me, and I think that is just because I am short for my age and all, and in that sense, appear younger than I actually am. Facially, I do NOT think I look around the age of, say, 10. I'm 13, but I am in fact, and I admit it, the size of some 10 year olds. Once when I went into the store, I was with my friend (who also happens to be quite short like me) and at first everything seemed fine. The people working there seemed, at first. The two of us were just happily looking through some knit tops stacked nicely around a circular table. Then, my friend said that she wanted to take look over 'there' and she was pointing to an area on the other side of the store, where the clearance items were located. I continued looking through the knit tops. Then, after about a minute, she came back and told me what had happened. She said that while she was looking through the clearance section, an employee folding jeans beside her had said " know we have a kids' store, right??" She said she nodded slightly, embarassed, and walked away. I was shocked to hear her story. And of course I knew they had a kids' store! I had been there many times, actually! But I could fit into Abercrombie & Fitch too, since I could fit into Hollister.

Actually, we've experienced this twice. The last time we went into Abercrombie & Fitch, we were hoping that the certain employee who confronted her last time wouldn't be on his shift today. So, we walked slowlyy into the store. Two employees, a man and a woman, greeted us with a smile when we walked in. The woman said hello, smiled again, we smiled slightly backed, and walked on. After walking forward a few steps the man picked up a bottle of perfume, and, spraying a little in front of him, said "Hannah Montana rules!!!" I heard the woman give a little laugh. We were totally embarassed, and, again, shocked at the rudeness of the employees. We don't like Hannah Montana!We're not little kids! I was upset at the thought of what had just happened. I wondered, were all their employees like this??

Has anyone here and any similar experiences in Abercrombie & Fitch?? Because, I mean, every other store we go to, the employees are so kind and helpful. Never, in other store, have we had this issue arise among us.

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