May 2021 10 238 Report
Sadamm Hussein??

Does anyone else feel like the Iraqis were safer with Sadamm in power? He instilled so much fear in the people that they would never act they way they had, I am not saying he wasa great leader, but my God..the ust found 65 people tortured around the city of Bahgdad...What the hell is going on over heri now...These Sunni's and Shi-ites would have never pulled this stuff with Hussien in power!!


I love the troops...I have nothing but respect for any person who has put on a uniform. Ir cognize the freedom that I even have to typ ethis message..., my question is one based on a hypothetical situation. My fear is that we have bitten off mor ethan we can chew. I do not want to see anohter american life lost in a war that we can not win or even make a dent in. This ahs been going on since they translated the Quran...this war will continue until one side commits complete genocide on the other...we have very little business in iraq anymore so why are we still their???

You cannot tell me that you have not questioned our presence there??

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