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Sadness and unhappiness.?


My name is Kezia.

I'm the person who has to stand out to fit in. I'm the one that does weird things just so people notice me. I'm the girl that has one true friend that will stick beside me no matter what, but a world full of haters. I'm the girl that seems to just brush off the insults but is dying inside. I'm the one who doesn't even know who I am anymore, with all the posing, trying to be someone new. I'm the person who can only express myself with colors - grey, deep blue, bronze.

I can't write my own songs but I can sing other people's. I just want to know that there is someone like me out in the world. I feel like crying all the time, even when people say they like me I know that when people are mean, they don't know me. The thing that would make me feel better is a song. A song about someone like me. Because I want to know that people like me exist but I also want to show everyone that I'm not a talentless loser. If there is ever a song like that, no matter who it's by, I'll put all of my heart and soul into it.

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