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Scam being ran on Craigslist?

So I found out a scam was about to be ran on me, but luckily I stopped before it was too late. I posted an add on Craigslist to sell my Samsung moment and I was offered more than I was selling it for. After giving my address (so they could mail the check) to who I thought was the buyer, I realized this was a scam. I also stopped replying to the emails the "buyer" sent me. There's nothing that can be done with them only having my address right? and I do not plan on cashing the check once it comes in the mail.

- I'm pretty sure this scam is coming out of Nigeria.


Thank you guys! I just wanted to make sure I was safe. The guy is sending a check for 1600 when the phone was only $150. He says I need to take out 150 for the phone and $70 to keep to myself, and sent the rest to his "shipper" via Western Union. The only thing I will be doing with this check is throwing it in the garbage!

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