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Senior Citizen needs SNAP?

Circumstances recently caused me to apply for Food Stamp assistance (SNAP) in Virginia. I filled out the online form and had an interview. Today I received a letter requesting 1) proof of address.They already have a copy of my driver's license with the address on it 2) Separation agreement as proof of income . We separated 10 years ago and everything on it applied to our situation at that time. I was still working. Amount of support was less than 1/2 of what I currently receive. 3) child support amount as addressed in the separation agreement. My daughter just moved back in with me due to no work. She was attending college Masters Degree program at the time of our separation and was not even included in the separation agreement. My ex voluntarily is sending a small amount of additional money to help pay for her being here: gas, food. My address can easily be verified by them with DMV since they have a copy of my license. I have no idea why they want a copy of the separation agreement since nothing they are asking about is in that agreement. I have given them a copy of the checks sent to me each month. He does not send a separate check to my daughter. Is this normal information for SNAP agents to want or am I getting the run around. All I need is about $30 per week to feed us temporarily until she gets a job.



They have the bank info. No W-2s as I am now retired. All the info at the library stated there were different criteria for senior citizens over age 60, but an agent told me that is not so. Only age 65, is considered to be a senior. EZ form doesn't have much info.

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