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Sometimes I just dont understand...?

im a 14 teenager living in texas. i just dont understand why people dont believe in God. God was never really big in my life untill i started going through problems. I believed in God, i just never thaught of religion. im not raised in a what people call a "Christian Enviroment". I started to doubt my faith a lot asking questions to myself like is God real, But i also reachersed a lot. I have found a lot of things that i think people are just blind, or mabey they just dont see what i see. annyways, i now a firm believer in Jesus. personally, i think God has Himself into my life for a reason, even i dont know what. I just want to see why other people are so quick to judge and hate on others for what they believe in. I just want to see other peoples views


thank you everyone 4 the answers, but....ima just say this n get on with life..God has a plan for eveyone, sometimes people are just scared to change or a afraid of what friends would think, or now i cant do this annymore. ima be honest, i skrew up alot, i know i sin everyday. but i seek God and ask for forgivness and for Him to help lead me away from sin. Just to let you know, i pray every night tha everyone can have a positive realinship with God, but he gives you free will, so eventualy, it all comes don to you...God Bless

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