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Spanish or French GCSE ?

im taking my gsce's next year(have our options now) and we have to choose between spanish and french, most of my friends are doing spanish but one of my friends speeks french so she could help me. i REALLLLLY want to take spansish but i know more french because ive been doing it for awhile, i want to do spanish but i dont know if it will take up more time than english and maths beause thats what i need the most. i cant drop it because its for this ebac stuff. im 13 and i dont know if ill be able to keep up with it all. i know its abit weird asking a stranger but i need advice if id beable to do it and if i wouldnt give up because im not very good at that! please give me some advice on what i should take and what websites or dvds i could use so i dont drop english or maths because their more important. sorry about my spelling too.

thank to everyone who answers:) 10 points and 5 stars for best answer

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