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Stag Weekend prank ideas?

My best friend of 16 years is getting married and has asked me to be his best man. Traditionally it is the best man who organises the stag/bachelor weekend, which in this case is 3 nights in the North England town of Newcastle.

We are doing the usual go karting, paintballing, strip clubs etc but I want to make it unforgettable and different weekend away but playing pranks, not just on the groom but everyone else too. Also challenges for nights out would be fun too.

When I say pranks, I don't mean kids stuff like filling his shoes with shaving foam etc. One I have is to have him dress in a wedding dress, tie him to a lamp post in a busy part of town and have the public throw rotten vegetables at him. THings along these lines would be great. His words were "as long as it doesn't hurt and I have my hair and eye brows once the weekend is over, you can do what you like"

fire away!

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