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Starcraft 2 black screen when launching?

Whenever I launch my game, the screen goes black and nothing happens, eventually after 30 minutes it says "starcraft 2 is not working". What can i do to get rid of the black screen when launching and enjoy the game? (It's the complete game not the beta)

On my first time i launched the game and play it without problems, the second time as well. Then the next day i couldn't because it kept giving me the black screen. Because i think when i exited the game first time i did it right but when i exited the game second time, i used CTR+ALT+DELETE and close the program like that. I'm pretty sure my system requirements meet because i have played it twice on this computer.

I have tried doing the following things:

-Close any working programs

-Clean registry

-Re-install and uninstall 3 times already

-Reboot computer

-Wait 30 minutes during the black screen

-Disable firewall

-Delete webcam

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