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strange feelings in my body?

okay so sometimes when I sleep, or when I am really tired, it can also happened anytime but mainly when tired. just before I doze off I feel like my soul is leaving my body( even though it really isn't) and I have no feeling, but I can sense completly what is going on around me I can talk, drink water, eat, but my mind does not sense that I am doing it. my brother even bite my arm really hard and all I felt was a pinch, until I came out of the feeling and then my arm hurt really bad. it usually only lasts a few minutes.

does anyone know what it is and how to treat it? should I see a doctor.

also right now my arms feel seperated from body, I can feel them and type, and pinch them and feel the pain. they seem like they are floating just beside my body. and they feel like they are not mine. and I have tried vibrating them, icy hot which usually helps when it seems like they go numb. but right now none of those things helps for more than a few minutes. I have had this since last week. I tend to forget about it when I get busy doing my craft projects or school work.

does anyone else feel this way? and how do I treat it? or could all of this just be in my mind, because I have suffered from anxiety and been really afraid of everything.

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