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strange parrot fish issues!!?

how big will my parrot fish get? She is in a 12 gallon which she seems fine in now but she might get 2 big idk. also why does she attack her plants and why is she affraid of me and why does she hover in the top corner of the tank all of the time and why did her black spot go away(i miss it) and why did she turn orange even though she used to be pink.

she is healthy and happy she is just deathly afraid of me. or anyone. when you are quiet and dont move she swims around and moves all of the gravel in her tank(oh also why do they do that).

any answers would be great because i have alot of questions!!!


i have my angel fish in a 30 gallon and some of them are really old. when they are gone i will move the remaning babies into my 12 gallon and move Bianka(or whatever if shes a boy)into the 30 gallon. or could i put her into a 20 gallon? my brother has an electric blue jack dempsy and a bicher in the 20 so mabey they would do better in the 30.

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