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Strange white build up on dishes?

My roommate and I moved into a condo in a complex from a smaller apartment on the other side of the complex, so it's the same water. In this new place, after using the dishwasher a few times, we noticed a build up of some white crap on every single thing in the dishwasher. On some materials, it was never that bad, but when I moved out, I threw away nearly everything that I had brought for the kitchen. When we washed them by hand, the white build up never came off, even when we used some intense cleaners. I have one mug that I really like but it has some of that build up. The flavor of food/drink isn't affected at all, but it looks dirty.

Does anyone have an idea of what it might be? I ran it through a really nice new, dishwasher, and my parents couldn't figure out what it is either. Nothing so far has been able to remove it. I honestly have no idea what it could be (except perhaps mineral build up, but that should have gone away when I moved, and I should be able to wash it off). Any tips of trying to get this crap off? It probably ruined all of our glasses, but most of our porcelain dish ware was okay.

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