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Tech school kept my student loan?

I was attending a Tech school.. Tucson College. I got a student loan for the PCT course. I attended about a month. I had issues with the teacher, giving us test answers and the actual test as a study guide. She didn't do her presentations like she was supposed to.

I complained to the Head of the school and nothing happened. So I told them I wasn't going to pay to be there if they weren't going to teach me anything.

Short story short I got through the CNA course about 2 weeks into the PCT program and dropped out. They kept the 2,900 I gave them, the 4,600 in student loans. For the course I took I should only owe roughly 1,000$ They had lead me to believe the part of the student loan I hadn't used would be returned.

How can they keep the loan for class I did not attend, and what can I do about this?


Should of known it was a rip off when they charge 2,000 for a CNA course and I found places that would do it for 400 afterward including the red cross.

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