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Trouble deciding between two branches...?

I've decided to try to enlist within the next two months. I've been doing research on the branches and I've narrowed it down to the Army or Air Force. And now I'm stuck. Overall I'd prefer the AF but I know it's harder to get in and will probably be harder to get the job I want. I'm hoping for help repaying student loans and I know the Army pays more for that, and I have a better shot getting an enlistment bonus with the Army (although with the specific MOS I'm hoping for I won't get a bonus from either branch) I know the AF deployments are shorter but that's not really an issue. Obviously I'd prefer a shorter deployment but it's not a big enough deal to pick one or the other. I'm hoping for a medical MOS/AFSC but I'm also looking into other jobs such as MP/SF...any advice?


I have three years of college, but wasn't accepted into the nursing program for my RN. It would take at least a year before I can reapply. I was planning to get my RN and then join, but decided I didn't want to wait that long because I'd be pushing it with my age (at least for the AF) by the time I was done. That's why I'm trying not to choose based on the bonus (enlistment or school repayment) because I'm hoping to retire in the military and 20 years is a long time to do something I don't like just so I can get ten grand once.

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