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UGH! Stupid ultrasound!!!?

Ok, so I just went in for an u/s today. I'm 35w4d according to LMP but the u/s said it moved up my due date to Oct. 1st (according to LMP was Oct 13th) I know that u/s sounds aren't exact...but why not? He says that it looks like it's gonna be a big baby ... does the u/s see a big baby and confuse it for being older and thats why the dates are father back than I am. I'm taking into account the added 2 wks for olulation .. and the date is still off by 2 wks. This is the same doc that my sister and mom used and they never had this problem. Has this ever happened to anyone? (I know the baby will come when he's ready so please spare me that comment) Thanks!

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