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voltage drop on system?

okay so my system currently consists of 2 kicker cvrs with a 3.5 farad capacitor and a 1000 watt rms audiopipe amp and i have 4 gauge power wire. SO i will also be adding 2 more 12s into my car along with another 900 rms amp its a hifonics brutus brz 1200 ill have it at 2 ohms and ive used this before at the same time but had 2 10s instead. So my problem is is when i hit lows or big bass i get a nasty voltage drop mostly down into the lower 12 volts but sometimes itll reach around 11.5 i will be adding another 2 farad capacitor and this IS NOT to fix volatage drops this is because it helps improve sound quality. SO my thing is how can lessen this volatage drop? Now would upgrading the big 3 help alot cause i heard it would? I cureently either have 6-8 gauge wire on my big 3 and will be willing to upgrade to 2 to 0 gauge wire will that help my voltage drop? and please dont say just buy another battery or something or alt cause im trying to save the rest of my money and dont want to have haul out big cash so any suggestions please help.


yes but im not talking idle im talking about when my car is running when the voltage meter read 14.4 i dont want i to drop below 13 is what im saying and ive had 1600 rms running on my system before the only cons are 2 volt voltage and dimming of headlights and thats it and ive read many times where peope had 2000 rms running on stock items and there system was fine

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