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Web developer, underpaid?


I'm a web developer and I think I am underpaid, it would be interesting to hear other developers views on my situation, do you think I'm paid enough?

I'm 23 and based in West Midlands, got an FdSc and been at my post for two years. I earn £7.50 per hour working 4 days a week

I am the only employee developing / maintaining / running a large scale eCommerce site. My roles are to plan future developments, develop / code the site, develop database, update designs & imagery, liaise with SEOs, and content management and day to day running of the site.

The technologies I use to develop the site are some of the very latest:


WCF Services

JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX

HTML 5 / CSS 3


All this for a salary of 11k (+no bonuses)? I see junior web dev roles out there for 15k + bonus & other benefits...

So am I underpaid?

What might you expect to be paid in my position? Should I leave?

Thanks for reading / answering

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