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When I click sims 3 ambitions, sims 3 generations launches?!? HELP!?

okay, so anyway,

i downloaded the sims 3 torrent, and it worked fine,

then i downloaded the sims 3 generations torrent and it too worked fine

anyway, today i downloaded sims 3 ambitions and installed it, then when i opened the launcher it said "no disc found" so I downloaded some "tslhost file" and "ts3sp02.exe" files and placed them in the sims 3 bin as well as the sims 3 ambitions bin

then when i launched the sims 3 ambitions...the sims 3 generations launched!!

so, what tslhost file versions do i need? and where do i put them?


ps. is the sims 3 generations supposed to launch when i click ambitions (maybe because it's the latest expansion pack?)


thankssssssss soo much , thought it wasn't working :)

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