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Which bag for school (pics included)?

I'm going into the eleventh grade, and I can't decide which bag to get. I've narrowed it down to the following three, so I want everyone's opinion on which one I should get. Factors I am looking at are how cute it looks, size (i don't want something humongous but it should be able to fit standard size notebooks/folders comfortably), and number of pockets (i want there to be a few so I can put things like wallets, pencils, etc, in an organized manner). So please tell me which one is cutest and what you think is good/bad about each bag, and why you picked the one you did. Answer with the most helpful thoughts gets ten points!


This one I would get in either color autumn plaid, black pinstripe, or fall stripe, so also comment about which color you think is cutest.


This one is either autumn plaid or brown herringbone, so also comment about which color you like better.


I honestly don't think this bag is that cute, but I like it because it can be used as a tote bag or a backpack, in case it's ever really heavy or something.

Thanks for reading all of this and thanks for your help!

Oh, and please don't answer just to tell me you don't like any of them because I don't really need your opinion in that case. I just want to know which of these three I should get.

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