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Which is the best DSLR I can get under $1100 (INR 60,500)?

I know its a pretty vague question, so let me clear that up. ;D

I want a DSLR that's future proof in terms of specifications and technology and would have features that would make it a performer for a considerable number of years. I'm not a fan of upgrading the body, I only believe in upgrading lenses IMHO. Hence I'd prefer sticking to one body. I'd prefer convenience, speed as well as useful features.

I'm aiming at semi-professional photography. I would be using the kit lens along with a macro prime and a shallow DOF lens (f/1.4 or f/1.8).

I have already seen the following DSLRs, but I wasn't satisfied with them (Reason specified next to name of the DSLR):

1) Canon EOS 60D: It is slightly old (2010). It has the older Digic 4 processor which, it seems doesn't handle noise as well as the Digic 5. It also seems that the ergonomics of the camera aren't great and the camera might face software issues such as- "Error 20, 40, 99,etc". The white balance also is poorly implemented and movie mode is not as good as its successors. It also has a poor User Interface(UI).

2) Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i: It has 1/4000 shutter speed which will make it almost impossible for me to use a f/1.4 lens with this in bright daylight. It seems that the battery life is short. There is no weather sealing. The viewfinder is darker than the 60d.

3) Nikon D7000: The 1080p mode is limited to 24p unlike the other 2 cameras. The ergonomics are poor. Placement of the buttons are weird. Auto ISO is poorly implemented. Aperture cannot be adjusted in live view mode. No exposure indicator. Shady movie mode with the need to keep turning movie mode on and off. (Someone could clarify this if they jnow workarounds)

NOTE: I have only specified the disadvantages of the cameras above.

Apart from these cameras, can you recommend any other cameras that I may have overlooked? (Without any major faults/shortcomings)

My budget ends at $1100 or INR 60,500.

I'd greatly appreciate your help as it would save me from buying the wrong camera. Also, if I have any wrong information about the above 3 cameras, please correct me. :)


*Please reply if you have adequate knowledge and hands-on experience with DSLRs and are experienced. I do not encourage any advertisements or spam or useless comments here. Thank You.

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