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Which Musical Instrument...?


So i have my heart set on learning an instrument. But i haven't made my mind up yet...

...So whats you favourite instrument and why?? Can you play anything, and if so what and how is that going for you??


...I quite like the idea of playing a cello so does anybody have any experiance of it and how are you gettting on with it, do you like it??

AND how could i go about sorting out lessons, I'm still in school so that might be the easiest option but i'd prefer to have lessons after school/at weekends

...any suggestions?!?!?

Thank you xoxo


Also I played the violin for a couple of years when i was younger but i had to quit when i switched to secondary school... i do like it but i wouldn't want to start playing it again- i don't think it's for me

Oh and practicing isn't a problem, i really really want to learn soething new...

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