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Which name sounds better?

My name is Angela Danielle.

My husband's name is Alfredo.

My first daughter's name is Kaylee.

I have listed baby names in order from most favorite to least favorite for my baby girl. If I were to use the name Khloe I would use Khloe Alexandra or Khloe Angelina. If I were to use Layla it would be Layla Angelina. The thought behind Angelina is that my first name (that I don't go by) is Angela. My mom's name is Angela and my mother in-laws name is Rosalina. Kinda names her after all of us.

But anyways which names do you like better? What middle name would you use with them?

#1 Khloe

#2 Layla

#3 Serena

#4 Autumn

#5 Angelina

#6 Willow

#7 Raine

#8 Isabel (Bella for short)

#9 Giselle

#10 Anastasia

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