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Why does my dad lie so much? (details inside)?

He has asthma and CHF. The past 4 nights he wasnt sleeping. He would go lay down and then 2-3 hours later he would get up. The past 2 nights He didnt even sleep. I could tell he was short of breath, because his breathing was weird and he kept huffing and puffing. He blamed it on the weather and said it was his asthma. Its winter here. I knew it wasnt but when I said something to my mom, she defends him, and I got so mad. Then this morning at 5 (about an hour ago) He was rushed to the hospital. His lungs filled up and he kept coughing up phlegm, and couldnt breath. I knew it was coming, I knew he was lying, but HE ALWAYS LIES, this has been about the 8th time this has happened.


Haha torn.. smartass :P

Update 3:

YEP K C, torn does. But it seems like he should be used to it. Hes been going to the hospital back and fourth even before he was married to my mom about 30 years ago lol.

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