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why does my partner's past keep on popping in my mind?

i have been in 2 relationships,including now.i've never had sex because i've always believed that it should be saved for current girlfriend has had 4 relationships including ours.she's made love to all 3 guys before me.she said that she used to believe that making love to the guy was an act of investment for her,thinking that if she did it with him,'he' wouldn't leave her.she told me that she used to value the sanctity of sex when she was much younger,but she somehow lost it along those 3 failed relationships.being with me,she said,made her rethink her views about sex and relationships,which is great since i'd like to stay a virgin,hopefully until i'm married.she told me that she now saw that what she did before were mistakes,and would like to change,which is great as well.things are going well between us.i'm just really wondering why that particular past of her's pops in my mind from time to's really suggestions? opinions? what have you's? thanks.

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