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Why is public school so horrible?

My high school is so terrible it's hard to put into words. It's overcrowded to the point where it's like walking through a mob in the hallways. There are mice and cockroaches because the hallways are full of garbage. The teachers don't want to be there (I'm not just saying that because I hate teachers). My teacher gave us a list of occupations to memorize in Spanish and she left teacher off of the list because "we should never become teachers". My math teacher is known in school as the Munchkin Man because he doesn't teach and all he does is bring munchkins into class!

There are more problems.

I just don't know what to do, okay. My school is hell and the teachers act like there's nothing wrong with it. Hell, $50,000 was donated to my school last year and they spent it on a Foosball table and TV for this hang out room meanwhile the desks are literally falling apart and written on. I can't even be homeschooled because it costs thousands of dollars in my state.


Asshole Second Comment--

I had straight A's in middle school. When I applied, my high school was one of the best to go to. As years progressed, the school has gotten much worse. The school I described is so bad that it sounds like the worst you could go to because it is. All of my siblings have gone to my school and when they were there, it was so much better. The year I entered, they got a new principle who ruined it.

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