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Why must women wear shirts in public when men don't?

This question has bothered me since I've been old enough to have to wear in top at the pool in the summer when boys didn't have to.

While men can go completely topless while cutting the grass, I would have the police called on me. I've tried to find a difference between me and my neighbor, and all I can come up with is the extra fatty tissue that make up mammary glands. We both have skin and nipples. What's the big deal, other than society is just uncomfortable? Are we, as a society really that afraid of breasts?

I'd like to clarify that I'M NOT A FEMI-NAZI! I'm a stay-at-home mom who is married. I'm simply just wondering why I'm sweating myself to death out side, and I'm seeing other people in my community who have options to the heat, and I don't. Are there really laws that say I must cover up?


I think some of these answers are great, but are missing the point. I do not wish to show off my body. I'm just simply wondering why it is acceptable for men to go without shirts and women must wear them, either legally or common social acceptance.

We were all born naked, with essentially the same, exact body in physical appearance, as far as our chests go. When women get extra fat, like some of you pointed out men also get, we immediately must cover ours.

I see men out all summer long, either working in their own yards, or other's yards, while exercising, or working highway construction. I just think "what if I wanted to work without my shirt?" Why the double standard. Short of mammary glands, men have the same skin and nipples as women.

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